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The Amazing Accu-strut…

My mini is finished…Here's how she went together: Started with an accustrut. That brought her down from not hitting the (12 x 12") paper at a hundred (yards) to 2.5".

…When I start shooting with a clean barrel and cold gun she will shoot into 1-1/4" all day long. Let her get dirty and hot and she goes into under .75 and I've seen a half inch. Naturally this is at 100yrds. I'm not cleaning her this time and will take her out again dirty and see how she shoots but no matter a mini that shoots no larger than inch and a quarter is fine by me.

(The group abvoe) was shot this morning at 112 yrds, full 20 round mag and fired starting with a cold dirty barrel non stop till all rounds were fired and gun was hot. I'm a happy man, my bench isn't near as stable as a concrete one, my bags are not the best in the business and the operator is 64 years old and quite possibly not as good a shot as he used to be. 20 shots just under 1-1/2" will work for me anytime.

-Frank J.

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I shot my mini-30 today for the first time with the strut installed. Various loads & all shot a lot tighter groups than ever before...my initial tests show an honest 50% reduction in group size & the flyer was also reduced considerably...

This thing flat out works.