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Accu-strut LT

Barrel struts for Mini-14 and Mini-30 rifles. Provides mechanical rigidity for thin carbine barrel, reducing accuracy-killing vibrations.

Our most popular model. The 6-inch 2-clamp configuration gives your best opportunity for performance increases. Typical improvement is 50-75% reduction in group size for earlier straight-barrel rifles, and up to 33% on the new tapered barrels. Your actual experience will vary.

Available in blued or stainless steel finish.


Light in weight, not performance. The cross-drilled lightening holes shaves about an ounce of overall weight from our XDrill model. But the accurization performance is exactly the same as our other 2-clamp model. Also features a hollow endplug to help prevent contaminatiion.


Compact styling. The single-clamp Socom was developed in response to customer demand for a smaller unit with a compact design reminiscent of the M14 gas cylinder. Actual performance is a secondary consideration, as the unit will not always improve accuracy.