Which Model?

For best accurization potential, choose one of our two-clamp models:

  •  LT is our most popular model. Simple, clean design. 50 to 75% reduction in group size for earlier, thin Mini barrels. Up to 30% for the current, thicker tapered barrel.
  •  XDrill offers lighter weight (about an ounce lighter) and a more "tactical" appearance. Performance is the same as the LT.

 Socom (single clamp) is for customers with short-barrel rifles, or who want a more compact installation at the possible expense of best performance.


    • Harris bipod adaptor: strut sits forward a bit to accommodate "forks". May not be able to use the rear set-screws.

    • ASI Adjustable Gas Block: ASI now offers an adjustable gas block that is compatible with our strut. Contact them for details.

    • Ultimak rail: Rear clamp must be shifted forward a bit to clear extended rail.

    • Amega Ranges rail: installs with no modification.