I got to say thanks for a great product! There are not many products out there that even work, much less do what they say they will do. The Accu-strut worked better than I could have hoped for.

I went from 5-inch groups to 1.5" with Black Hills 50gr. V-max, Federal 60gr. Nosler Partition, Corbon DPX 53gr. The best was 1.25, and the worst was 1.5. From minute-of-paper-plate to inch-and-a-half. Just can't believe it. Again I want to say thank's for a great product!




All I can say is I went from 3 shots on a 12x12 sheet of paper to a 1.5" group (5 shots at 100 yards). With Wolf ammo. It's hard to believe. Thanks.



Thought I'd add to your ever-growing testimonials...(before adding strut) groups were about 2-inches at 100 yds.

Then you came out with Accu-strut and I thought now that makes sense, so I dusted off the Mini and put one on...loaded up some Hornaday 55gn V-max powered by 27.5gn BLC-2 and printed three sub-minute groups of 5 shots with it.

-R.T., Florence OR


I shot my mini-30 today for the first time with the strut installed. Various loads & all shot a lot tighter groups than ever before...my initial tests show an honest 50% reduction in group size & the flyer was also reduced considerably...

This thing flat out works.



UPS brought my Accu-strut today and the unit looks very nice...My Mini 14 normally shoots 4-5 inch MOA but with the 'strut I got 1" groups @ 50 yards...(at 100 yards) groups dropped from 4 to 5 inches MOA to 2 to 3 inches (mostly 2 to 2.5).

It has improved my Mini 14's performance to where it is now an acceptable short range predator hunting rifle (my predator hunting is normally at <100 yards). When I find the ammo it prefers I expect the shot groups will shrink even more.

Thank you...for a much needed product. I will keep you posted on any improvements as they develop.


"The improvement was very noticeable with it on..."


"Small--REAL small groups!"

Today was the first outing with the strut installed. Also was testing some reloads in .223 rem...

The "Ol Mule" put together 5 shots: 4 touchingand a "flyer" 3/8-inch off the group at 50 yds...and some other nice groupings.

This thing flat out worked wonders! I was getting 4" with this thing with commercial ammo before. Your product changed my opinion on keeping this rifle and buying something else in .223 Rem. You have a very good product and should be commended for your hard work! Thanks!

-R.G., Milwaukee WI

The improvement was very noticeable with it on...

 I fired a couple of 10-shot groups which clearly showed that Accustrut tightened my groups. I could NEVER shoot 10-shot groups that tightly with my Mini before Accustrut...

Even on a (gunsmith) modified rifle, I noticed improved group size.



Small--REAL small groups! Been using Fed 55 softpoint and Win 3131A with some Fed American Eagle 62 FMJ for good measure....On paper you can actually track and sight in your shots- it just works man. As you can tell, I'm quite ecstatic!

Good Work!



Like magic.



181 stainless, 55gr.fmj military surplus, 5 shot group 100 yds , Ranch Products scout mount that replaces upper gas block, 2x leupold pistol scope...

Without Accu-strut 4.25"...with Accu-strut 2.25" with one flyer. Without the flyer the group was 1.15" center to center. THIS IS MILITARY SURPLUS AMMO!!! How can I thank you enough.

-Steve in the Texas Hill Country


The Accu-Strut has made my Mini-14 more accurate than I am; at least 50% reduction in group size. It's the absolute best accuracy you can get for the money when it comes to Mini-14s! If you don't do anything else to your rifle, get an Accu-strut!

- Kyle


"If you shoot well with all of your rifles but struggle with the mini, do not hesitate to put an Accu Strut on that rifle. You will see a tremendous improvement in grouping and overall performance." 




I want you to know how happy I am with the Accu-Strut. I am not a score-keeping marksman, but the Mini held its own against my AR. I shot both rifles. The contest should not (have been) close, but it was. The Mini had just a little bit more dispersion compared to my Armalite. When I was showing the targets to friends, I got them confused because they were so similar.

I am sorry that I don't have any hard statistics to back up my claim, but count on me as a happy customer. I should have photographed the targets for you. Is happy good enough?

Respectfully yours,



What a great little product. I have a newer 581 series Ranch Rifle and it had been troublesome on accuracy since purchase. Even with the barrel cold there was always one "flyer" in a 5 round group. While my absolute grouping hasn't improved by much with the strut, gone are the flyers that were over 6 inches from the rest of the group. I can say that I'm very satisfied with the consistency the rifle now exhibits. I would consider this rifle junk without the Accu-strut. Dare I say with a bedded stock and trigger work this Mini might impress people with its accuracy. I would be happy if you wanted to add my testimonial to the many you already have.

All the way, AIRBORNE!

Chuck Meseke


I recently installed an accustrut on my mini-14 581 series rifle. The accuracy was never horrible, but I was looking to see what could be done to further enhance it. Now, not only does she look great, she shot the smallest group I have ever shot today! I shot a 3 shot group after zeroing in my new EOtech, at 50 yards. Took a look through my spotting scope, and all I could see was one hole:

At first, I thought I shanked two of them WAAAYYY off. When the firing line was clear I walked down range to put a new target up, and I couldnt be more surprised when I noticed all three shots in ONE jagged hole! Deciding to try 100 yards, I moved the same target down range, deciding to make it a 5 shot group. Unfortunately I forgot the trajectory would take it half inch high at 100 when zeroed at 50. None-the-less, the 5-shot ended up at .937" and thats great in my book! To top it off, the three shot was .187"!! I’ve never seen anyone at the range do that!



The Amazing Accu-strut…

My mini is finished…Here's how she went together: Started with an accustrut. That brought her down from not hitting the (12 x 12") paper at a hundred (yards) to 2.5".

(Then) had Gundoc do a trigger job, install a Weaver adaptable rail, glass bed the wood stock (which I later replaced with the Choate pistol grip stock) change the gas bushing, install a recoil buffer and he sent the barrel out to be frozen while the rest of the work was being done. I installed a flash hider, a Weaver 4X scope and a higher cheek piece to give me a better spot weld. I like heavy bullets so I went to the Sierra 65gr spbt with 25gr AA 2520 and CCI 400 Primers…

…It's a little weird but its ok. When I start shooting with a clean barrel and cold gun she will shoot into 1-1/4" all day long. Let her get dirty and hot and she goes into under .75 and I've seen a half inch. Naturally this is at 100yrds. I'm not cleaning her this time and will take her out again dirty and see how she shoots but no matter a mini that shoots no larger than inch and a quarter is fine by me.

(The group below) was shot this morning at 112 yrds, full 20 round mag and fired starting with a cold dirty barrel non stop till all rounds were fired and gun was hot. I'm a happy man, my bench isn't near as stable as a concrete one, my bags are not the best in the business and the operator is 64 years old and quite possibly not as good a shot as he used to be. 20 shots just under 1-1/2" will work for me anytime.

-Frank J.


I just want to let you know how satisfied I am with the Accu-strut. Before installation of the Accu-strut, my 184 series Mini 14 was grouping 4 inches or larger. Today with the Accu-strut installed, I put 8 rounds into an inch at 50 yards with iron sights.

I just sat there for a minute to collect my thoughts. I was amazed. Thanks for a great product. I've already put another Accu-strut on my Christmas list for my Mini 30.

-Best Regards from the great state of Texas